On Sunday, 9/21, we will have our 3rd session of the 2014-15 school year

On Sunday, 9/28, we will have our 4th session of the 2014-15 school year. The morning classes will start at 10AM, and the afternoon classes will start at 1PM.  Our school building is at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, between 6 Mile Road and 7 Mile Road, on east side of Haggerty Road. Please see the attached class info form for the location for each class. If you have any questions, please stop by the office at Room 465 while school in session from 10 AM to 5 PM.



MNCCS School Calendar





The local weather on Sunday will be " Partly Cloudy  ", High at 77 F.  Please dress your child(ren) accordingly. 



    On Duty Principal for this Sunday are :    AM :  Scott  Yan   ;    PM :    Zhe Kong




Follow Traffic Rules on Campus


Please make sure you will  obey all the traffic rules while on campus.
      1.    No Speeding (Speed limit on campus is 15 mph),
      2.    Full stop at stop sign,
    Yield to children/pedestrian everywhere on campus,

      4.    No Parked vehicle at fire lane unattended
      5.    No drop off in the front of the LA building, Please park in the parking lot. 

      6.    Please walk on the walk way on school property, not on the grass



第二届海外华裔青少年中华文化大赛即将在全美国展开。密西根新世纪中文学校将在Schoolcraft LA building设置一个考场,于1012号下午开始考试,具体教室另行通知。学校要求7年级以上(含7 级)的同学参加考试。也欢迎其他班有兴趣的同学参赛。请到本班老师那里报名。凡是参赛选手,成绩合格的将发给合格证书,成绩优秀的将发给优秀证书。获得优秀证书的选手,有资格参加明年夏季在中国举办的知识竞赛优秀学生夏令营。考试内容以三本《中国文化》《中国历史》《中国地理》为基本大纲,华文教育网 http://www.hwjyw.com上还有《三常在线测试和学习系统》,包括题库链接下载,电子书,游戏,模拟测试,错题分析,帮助等网上动态功能。是个很好的自学工具。读者只要注册帐号,登陆即可免费使用。希望复习更广更全面者,可以查阅4000道题库。



2014CAGD金秋庆典联欢晚会 2014 CAGD Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

2014年的秋天里,底特律中国人协会(CAGD)将和底特律中文学校, 安华中文学校,新世纪中文学校,和坎通中文学校联合举办金秋庆典联欢晚会。


    时间定在  20141012Sunday, 7:30-9:30 PM

          Time :      10/12/2014, Sunday,  7:30-9:30 PM

    演出场所 Location Seaholm High SchoolBirmingham

                          2436 W Lincoln St, Birmingham, MI 48009
                              (248) 203-3700


We will have the ticket on sale at the Front desk.  $8 and $5 each.  Please review the seating chart and pick your seats.


Seminar -  Travelling Experience Sharing - My two weeks in 4 countries and 8 cities in Europe  

       Topic:  Travelling Experience Sharing - My two weeks in 4 countries and 8 cities in Europe

       Time:   1:00~3:00 PM , Sunday 9/28.

        Place:   Room 430

        Presenter: Haihong Ye




        时间:每周日下午 1-3


        联系人: 姜旸 chaoy3@hotmail.com


Personal Ads :  


A.      急需司机接送高中学生下午放学

现急需司机接送高中学生下午放学, Novi Grand River Road by Wixom Road Farmington Downtown. 有意者请电 Qiong at 248504-9893


Lost & Found

If your child is missing anything at School, please stop by the front desk and check with the student assistants for Lost & Found when school is in session.