On Sunday, 9/21, we will have our 3rd session of the 2014-15 school year

On Sunday, 10/19, we will have our 7th session of the 2014-15 school year. The morning classes will start at 10AM, and the afternoon classes will start at 1PM.  Our school building is at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, between 6 Mile Road and 7 Mile Road, on east side of Haggerty Road. Please check the class info on our webpage for more details. If you have any questions, please stop by the office at Room 465 while school in session from 10 AM to 5 PM.



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The local weather on Sunday will be " Partly Cloudy  ", High at 53 F.  Please dress your child(ren) accordingly. 



    On Duty Principal for this Sunday are :    AM :  Roger  Liu   ;    PM :    Zhe  Kong




1.     Follow the traffic rules on Campus

2.     底特律中文学校 ( ACSGD ) -  2014年汉语水平考试(HSK)接受报名  Registration for HSK test started , see www.chinesetest.cn

3.     新世纪合唱团扩大招生

4.     Another reason to learn Chinese

5.     Lost & Found






  1.    Follow Traffic Rules on Campus



Please make sure you will  obey all the traffic rules while on campus.
      1.    No Speeding (Speed limit on campus is 15 mph),
      2.    Full stop at stop sign,
    Yield to children/pedestrian everywhere on campus,

      4.    No Parked vehicle at fire lane unattended
      5.    No drop off in the front of the LA building, Please park in the parking lot. 

      6.    Please walk on the walk way on school property, not on the grass




2.       底特律中文学校 2014年汉语水平考试(HSK)接受报名  Registration for HSK test started , see www.chinesetest.cn



        由中国国家汉办授权,底特律中文学校承办的2014-2015学年度汉语水平 考试(HSK)将于2014118日下午12:303:00在底特律中文学校举行。此次在底特律中文学校举办的HSK考试主要设置二、三、四级三个级别。汉语考试面向全社会开放,各中文学校的学生,以及已学习中文并具有一定中文水平的学生或成年人均可报名参加考试。具体如下:



       HSK 是一项国际汉语能力标准化考试,重点考查汉语非第一语言的考生在生活、学习和工作中运用汉语进行交际的能力。新HSK考试分为六个级别,即HSK 一级、二级、三级、四级、五级和六级,分别针对不同中文水平的考生,详细情况可参阅汉语水平服务网站(www.chinesetest.cn)。考试内容分听力、阅读和书写三部分。




        即日起开始接受报名,1020日截止。所有报考人员均须通过网上注册,网站是 www.chinesetest.cn,报名方法:

    1) 进入网站 www.chinesetest.cn 主页,点击屏幕右上角“注册”字样,进入“用户注册”,输入所需个人信息,完成后点击“提交”,进入下一级菜单——立即报名。

    2)   点击“新汉语水平考试HSK”目录下考试的级别,屏幕出现相应级别的 考试要求信息,点击“立即报名”字样,输入所需个人信息。





    3)  考生信息录入完成后,点击“下一步”,进入“照片上传”

    4)  照片上传完成后,进入“考生信息确认”,完成预报名。

































交费方式:现金或money order

Money order 的抬头(Title)请写ACSGD



      底特律中文学校   Address: 1300 Derby Road, Birmingham, MI 48009



         吴应明  (Yingming Wu)   248565-7463        oyxwym@gmail.com

                (Miranda Cui)       (248918-0675         miranda_cui@hotmail.com



   3.    新世纪合唱团扩大招生:欢迎大家踊跃报名参加



        时间:每周日下午 1-3

        地点: LA-140教室

        联系人: 姜旸 chaoy3@hotmail.com



  4.    Another reason to learn Chinese :  

Even though Chinese is one of the 6 official languages of UN (United Nations), and tops the list of the world's most popular languages, here's one more reason to learn it:   China Just Overtook The US As The World's Largest Economy.






  5.    Lost & Found

If your child is missing anything at School, please stop by the front desk and check with the student assistants for Lost & Found when school is in session.