On Sunday, 9/21, we will have our 3rd session of the 2014-15 school year

No classes on Sunday 12/28/2014, and 1/4/2015.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !



On Sunday, 12/21, we will have our 15th session of the 2014-15 school year. The morning classes will start at 10AM, and the afternoon classes will start at 1PM.  Our school building is at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, between 6 Mile Road and 7 Mile Road, on east side of Haggerty Road. Please check the class info on our webpage for more details. If you have any questions, please stop by the office at Room 465 while school in session from 10 AM to 5 PM.


With the Christmas holiday and New Year coming, we will not have classes on Sunday 12/28/2014, and 1/4/2015.    Happy Holidays !


MNCCS School Calendar




 The local weather on Sunday will be "  Mostly Sunny  ", High at 38 F.  Please dress your child(ren) accordingly. 


    On Duty Principal for this Sunday are :    AM :  Li  Zhao   ;    PM :    Zhe  Kong






  1.    Follow Traffic Rules on Campus



Please make sure you will  obey all the traffic rules while on campus.
      1.    No Speeding (Speed limit on campus is 15 mph),
      2.    Full stop at stop sign,
    Yield to children/pedestrian everywhere on campus,

      4.    No Parked vehicle at fire lane unattended
      5.    No drop off in the front of the LA building, Please park in the parking lot. 

      6.    Please walk on the walk way on school property, not on the grass



 2.    Call Students Talent and Parents Volunteers - For MNCCS Spring Festival Party of 2015

Call Students Talent and Parents Volunteers

For New Century Chinese School Spring Festival Party of 2015



Dear All Parents,


We are calling talents for 2015 Spring Festival celebration of our School.  This year, we made some changes of all performance routines.  Other than normal performance from each class, we would like to organize few new types of performance.   


Please let me RSVP no later than 12/31/2014 if your students have talent and would join the New Century teams.  For now, there are below teams we are looking for members to join. 


1.     Students Symphony team.  The local famous Coach Xu is looking for talent and dedicated performers to join him.

2.     Performer of any music instruments especial Chinese instruments.

3.     Singer, Rock band lover, guitar players. 

4.     Students model/singing team.  This team is recruiting boys and girls age from 8 to 12 to perform Chinese dress show.

5.     Any other talents, wants to be seen.


As we all know our school is run by volunteers, to ensure the success of above teams, we need your help to organize the team.  Please also let me know if you want to help for this.  Please contact

Cindy  Miao  ---  xinranmiao@gmail.com

Xiaoying Chen --- xycheng@mnccs.org

Haihong Ye  ---  Haihongye@yahoo.com

Thank you as always for your support and participant t our school.


2015年的新世纪中国学校春节晚会 ---  特长学生和家长志愿者






Cindy Miao   ---     xinranmiao@gmail.com
Xiaoying Cheng  ---     xycheng@mnccs.org
Haihong Ye   ---     Haihongye@yahoo.com







3.    CSAUS news

At the 10th  National Convention and Chinese Education Conference of The Chinese School Association in the United States (CSAUS) last weekend in Phoenix, our school's board chairman, Mr. Lianggen Zheng completed yet another two year term as vice president. He served with great enthusiasm through all these years.

Also at the convention, Ann-Hua Chinese School board chairman Mr. Xingyu Zhang was elected the president of CSAUS. The American Chinese School of Greater Detroit (ACSGD) board member Mr. Jianrong Pan was elected the board member. Congratulations to both Xingyu and Jianrong.

Our school is a member of CSAUS, through which we organized many activities such as summer camp in China, various culture events as well as annual teachers training.




  4.    2015底特律中国人协会CAGD理事会选举委员会选举通知



1.  候选人的资格和推荐方式:候选人必须为底特律中国人协会会员,并由一位会员提名,二位以上会员支持,且被提名本人同意而后确定。

2.  候选人提名日期为本通知公布日至20141220日止,理事候选人的提名推荐请发电子邮件到 nominateboard@cagd-us.org

3.  新理事的投票表决将在网上以无记名的方式进行。理事候选人的提名结果,投票的网上链接和日期将在1220日以后另行通知,请大家关注邮件和报纸。




选举委员会主任:   赵 力

选举委员会副主任: 孔 喆, 吴 刚, 王丽莎

选举委员会成员:   蒋大明, 张 昊, 毕庶信, 刘小豹, 向建鸣, 刘康高,







  5.     Auto supplier designer job Offer

A China based automotive component supplier, operates in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. To support the rapid growth in US, the company, located in Metro Detroit area, is looking for an experienced Design Engineer.




Conceptualize, design, and analyze automotive components.

Design using CATIA or UGNX modeling software and validate utilizing FEA software.

Program management.




5+ years of experience on automotive component design

Fluent with CATIA or UGNX design and FEA

Familiar with PPAP, FMEA, APQP

Excellent communication skills and team player


Salaries and benefits match or exceed industry standards.


Please send your resume to gloria_weiwu@yahoo.com



  6.    Lost & Found

If your child is missing anything at School, please stop by the front desk and check with the student assistants for Lost & Found when school is in session.